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Banbury Ward Mission Plan: “Love, Share, Invite”

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Monthly Missionary Ideas for Members for April:

Message from a Missionary Serving from the Banbury Ward:

"Brian and I decided to be service missionaries in September of 2021. Many of you in our ward have served as service missionaries in the temple and you know how rewarding it is to be in the Lord's House every week with so many others doing the same. Our assignment is to clean the Meridian Temple on Thursday nights. We get there at 9:30 pm, get changed and have a prayer meeting and then get to work. We have a regular crew of other service missionaries on Thursday night (including Bro. Nations from our ward) and are so thankful for Stake volunteers that come to help. Again, many of you have joined us when our Stake was assigned and we are so happy to see you there.

Near the beginning of our service, I had a sick child at home. I worried about leaving him home for those 3 hours we would be gone. I gave him medicine and got him tucked into bed. My older children were home and capable of caring for him but I felt uneasy as we drove to the temple.  When we got to the prayer meeting, one of the sisters had already picked the song we would sing, Hymn #96. We sang, "Dearest Children, God is Near You, Watching o'er you day and night." I knew that song was to calm my worried heart and I knew God was aware of my sick boy at home while I was in his temple.  The time flew by after that and soon I was home and found him sleeping soundly.  

I'm so thankful for my weekly temple assignment. I have met dear friends and have been changed as I've seen their sacrifices to be there. I've been changed by powerful and simple testimonies shared in our prayer meeting. I've also learned so much about the love of my Savior Jesus Christ as I've become familiar with paintings on every wall of the temple and by how he speaks to my heart while in his house."

Sis. Emily Bird - April, 2024