Banbury Ward of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Message from the Bishopric

Dear Banbury Ward Members,

I have visited Pocatello, Idaho dozens of times, both for work and during visits to my wife's family in nearby Blackfoot. My first visit was shortly after I graduated from high school when a friend and I stopped to see a movie in a rundown theater on our way to Rexburg. I've also met many people who grew up in Pocatello, most of whom expressed a fairly negative view of the city (including my wife, who spent time as a child there and later attended a rival high school). These views have influenced my perception of the area, and I'll be honest and say that my own visits to Pocatello over the past twenty years haven't done much to change my perspective. It's often cold and windy and seems to lack a thriving city center: just old neighborhoods surrounded by freeways and 90's era strip malls.

This week, I was in Pocatello yet again, for work meetings at Idaho State University. One evening, a friend (and Pocatello resident) and I went to dinner. Afterward, as we were driving back to my hotel, I noticed a road sign that pointed to "Historic Downtown." I noted to my friend that I didn't know Pocatello had a historic downtown, or any kind of downtown, for that matter. He said, "Oh. It's actually quite lovely and vibrant. Lots of restaurants and activity. Let's drive through it!" So we turned right and crossed the bridge over the train tracks to an area that I had always assumed was just more industrial complex. As we turned right at the end of the bridge, I was astounded as I saw a lively, vibrant, well-kept Main Street lined with restaurants, shops, and little parks. People were bustling this way and that, and I felt like I was visiting a lovely city I had never been to before. As we drove, my friend told me how much he loves living there and about all the wonderful amenities available to them. My perspective of Pocatello changed permanently in those few minutes, as I realized I had only ever visited the outskirts of town - mistaking these bleaker outskirts to be city itself. I had a gained a fresh view of Pocatello.

The entry for "Repentance" in the Bible Dictionary reads: "The Greek word [metanoeo] of which ['repentance'] is the translation denotes a change of mind, a fresh view about God, about oneself, and about the world." When we sincerely repent of our sins and transgressions, we start to see things we have never seen before. We realize that we have been mistaking the bleaker outskirts of mortal life for the vibrant and hope-filled center of Christian living.

President Russell M. Nelson taught, "When Jesus asks you and me to 'repent,' He is inviting us to change our mind, our knowledge, our spirit--even the way we breathe. He is asking us to change the way we love, think, serve, spend our time, treat our [spouses], teach our children, and even care for our bodies. Nothing is more liberating, more ennobling, or more crucial to our individual progression than is a regular, daily focus on repentance."

I invite you to receive a fresh view about God, about yourself, and about the world by repenting daily. President Nelson promised that as we engage in the process of daily repentance, we will have "happiness and peace of mind" and the Savior will "transform us into the best version of ourselves." 


Bro. Bliss


As a stake humanitarian committee we have decided to assist City Light, women and children’s center, with materials to encourage the children they serve enhance their learning. It is common over the summer break for children who are away from the classroom to forget some of the skills that they learned during the school year. Many of these children are already at a disadvantage as their families struggle obtaining the necessities. We are asking for donations of story books and activity books related to academics including puzzles, math workbooks etc. Also flash cards, games, anything that encourages thinking and problem solving as well as crayons, colored pencils, etc. are needed. We will be sewing book/activity bags to hold the items. Children/youth who attend our June humanitarian workday will be able to make bookmarks and other item to include as well.

Please give your donations to your ward humanitarian leader or member of your Relief Society President or bring them to our stake humanitarian workday on June 27.

Thank you,

Meridian North Stake Humanitarian Committee

FAMILYSEARCH CENTER: Our local FamilySearch Center has  new, high-tech book scanner that can quickly digitize documents and combine them into single PDF files. It is well-suited for handwritten journals and utilizes a laser to scan a book page in two seconds. This scanner will “flatten” the digital images and won’t damage the book’s binding. Bring your family's books, journals, and documents to the center at 11443 McMillan Rd., Boise or see MERIDIANIDAHOEASTFSC.COM for more information. (Flyer is attached.)

JUNE TEMPLE & FAMILY HISTORY INVITATION:  Children: Tell your parents a story about an important event in your life. Ask them to record it in your words so you can read it in the future. Youth & Adults: Reflect on the most significant or enjoyable experiences in your life. Record an experience. What did you learn? How did it bless or challenge you? See "My Voice, My Experiences" at

Summer Institute Classes

TEMPLE & FAMILY HISTORY ACTIVITIES - Start a Journal in a way you enjoy and add to it once a week. Ideas include:

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