Banbury Ward of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Message from the Bishopric

Banbury Ward

I spent the morning in Brother Jim Bates workshop where he was very kind to help me make baseboards to match a room in my house. The baseboards in my home are all red oak, which was once quite common, but now very hard to purchase. In preparation I had to buy "rough cut" red oak boards which Jim and I would then cut, plane, shape, and finish to reach the final desired outcome. As we got started, Jim told me that much of wood working is "making large boards much smaller." 

The rough cut wood had nicks, blemishes, and uneven edges. It was beautiful in its own way, but the description of "rough" was certainly fitting. We first cut the boards to the approximate width desired. We then ran all four sides of each board through multiple planers, sometimes repeatedly. The planers carefully removed layer after layer until the thickness was perfect. At that point the boards had lost a considerable amount of mass, but they were beautiful. Smooth, clean, and with very little blemish or imperfection. The unique grain patterns of each board were apparent and striking. I was impressed. The underlying beauty and potential of the original boards was now apparent. 

This experience left me thinking about our own process of refinement in life. We can relate to the "rough cut" wood. We all have imperfections, blemishes, scars, and perhaps can be a little uneven in our behavior and choices. I guess one of the major questions is whether we find our way into the right workshop where the master can work on us and refine us? God has given us so much guidance and direction to help in this process, and more is available. 

I hope you can all find time to watch general conference this weekend and consider what messages the Lord is sending your way. What would he have you do now to continue your personal journey in the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Give the Lord every opportunity to make more of you than you could do on your own!

Spencer Miller

Banbury Ward Bishopric


April 14 - "LAMB OF GOD" CONCERT: Celebrate Easter and Holy Week by attending a performance of Rob Gardner's stunning "Lamb of God"a sacred work of the passion of Jesus Christ for choir, orchestra and soloists. The final perfromance is on Sunday, April 14, 7:00 PM, Settlers Park Stake Center, 2515 W. Ustick Rd. Free general admission tickets are available and are recommended to guarantee seating. See LAMBOFGODMERIDIAN.COM for tickets and more information. Performances are 90 minutes and the recommended age for attendees is 6+ years old.


Relief Society Sisters please join us April 16 at 6:30pm at Bristol Heights building for a fiesta celebration of RS 182nd Birthday!

We will have a Mexican Taco bar and will put together Birthday Bags for the Idaho Food Bank and City Light center for the homeless. We will collect donations that evening of items to be placed in Birthday Bags; packaged party napkins, party plates, cake mixes, canned frosting, birthday favors, and gifts for children 1-3, 4-6, 7-10. We will also be making Birthday cards and banners.


Youth:  Record your earliest memories of the homes you have lived in. And what do you remember about visiting your grandparents’ and other relatives’ homes? These memories will fadewrite them down now while you can remember them!

Adults: Record the timeline of all the places you lived during your lifetime (including college, mission, military service, etc.). Include dates, addresses, why you were there, and details about the rooms and neighborhood. Share these stories with your family and put the summary into your Family Search file. 

“Where I’m From” Online Activities:

Our local FamilySearch Center has a new slide scanner to quickly digitize your slides and negatives--this and all services are FREE! Visiting the Center is a fun family or group outing. They can also host Wednesday evening youth groups (by appointment) and walk-ins are welcome any time during regular hours. Email for an appointment. The Center is located at 11443 W. McMillan Rd, Boise. See flyer for hours and more information.

May 29 - June 1 - Young Single Adult AREA CONFERENCE


YSAs & high school seniors should sign up now! The price now is only $50, but it will increase after April 30. That small price includes a service project, a dance, Wahooz, beloved speakers Hank Smith & John Bytheway, a Nashville Tribute Band concert, and keynote speaker Sis. Yee.

Click here to register!

Institute Mission Prep for HS Seniors: Ending soon with last class April 18! Attendees are encouraged to then attend "Answering My Gospel Questions" class which will begin on April 23. All classes are Tuesdays, 7pm, Nampa Institute, 6111 Birch Lane, Nampa.

Summer Institute classes: See attached schedule.

The resources from the "Planning for Life" firesides are available here:

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