Relief Society

Relief Society Sunday meetings are held at 10:00am on the 2nd and 4th Sundays in the Relief Society room.


May Message from the Relief Society Presidency

Happy Spring sisters!

  I find that for myself, this time of year invokes that time of renewal, sunshine, peace, hope, and a lightness within my soul.

  For me, I find that Spring is the perfect time to recommit to the things that have become complacent in my life.

  I want to connect with the outdoors, with a Heavenly Father who’s created so much beauty that is bursting forth, and strengthen the relationships I have.

  To that end sisters, I would urge all of us to evaluate what has become too easy or neglected as of late. This will look different for each of us, but I strongly feel that if we find one area of our life in which we can reapply our best efforts or change some of our patterns of behavior, that we will find ourselves in a happier and holier place.

  May this Spring remind you of the atonement and how each of us have the ability to improve daily and draw closer to our Father in Heaven and His children.

  I pray that each of you are taking good care of yourselves and know of the love that our Father in Heaven has for you and your worship and your commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ .

I pray that this will help you feel invigorated and excited about life and to do just a little bit better in the areas you desire to grow.

  I love you and I’m so appreciative of all that you do for one another and for the building up the cause of Zion.



Kimberlee Roth

May Birthdays

04 May    Laney Jenson

09 May    Terra Oleson

10 May    Heather Colt

10 May    Ann De Burgh

11 May    Patti Swenson

12 May Aubrie Carr

12 May    Susan Daines

13 May    Sharon Grunke

13 May Stephanie Scott

14 May Sarah Bird

14 May Lou Ann Smith

17 May Emily Bird

19 May Carriesa Cranney

20 May Mary Larsen

20 May Lisa White

22 May Mary Ward

23 May    Lori Nate

25 May Kathryn Bennett

25 May Maria Hurley

28 May Kirsten Cambron

29 May Kandace Yearsley

30 May Briana Dumas


We have made some ministering assignment adjustments and given new assignments to sisters. Please refresh your Tools app to ensure you have the latest ministering information.


Our one and only Banbury Women’s Volleyball team had an amazing season! We are so proud of them!  See a picture of (most) of the team with their super cute team shirts!