Temple & Family History


Youth:  Record your earliest memories of the homes you have lived in. And what do you remember about visiting your grandparents’ and other relatives’ homes? These memories will fadewrite them down now while you can remember them!

Adults: Record the timeline of all the places you lived during your lifetime (including college, mission, military service, etc.). Include dates, addresses, why you were there, and details about the rooms and neighborhood. Share these stories with your family and put the summary into your Family Search file. 

“Where I’m From” Online Activities:




Here is the 2024 Banbury Ward Temple and Family History plan approved by the ward council.  This is a plan for everyone in the ward.  Please read it and familiarize yourself with it.  We are looking forward to making great strides as individuals and families in our temple worship and family history efforts this year.  Feel free to call upon any of the ward family history consultants or the Elder's Quorum or Relief Society presidencies if you have any questions or need assistance with your family history.

The Family History Centers have a new name! They are now called FamilySearch Centers. Did you know that as a member of the LDS church you can get a free subscription to Ancestry.Com, MyHeritage.com and FindMyPast.com and several others? Go to Third-party Access • FamilySearch to sign up for your free accounts.  Pro tip: many of the Temple and Family History Consultants use Ancestry.Com for research. It has more than twice the number of records as FamilySearch. 

FAMILYSEARCH CENTER:  Our local FamilySearch Center has a new slide scanner to quickly digitize your slides and negatives--this and all services are FREE! Visiting the Center is a fun family or group outing. They can also host Wednesday evening youth groups (by appointment) and walk-ins are welcome any time during regular hours. Email id_meridianeast@familyhistorymail.org for an appointment. The Center is located at 11443 W. McMillan Rd, Boise. See flyer for hours and more information.