Banbury Ward of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Message from the Bishopric

Dear Banbury Ward,

This weekend is General Conference. We invite you to tune in and feel the light and warmth of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ from his living prophets and apostles. May your testimonies be strengthened, your prayers be answered, and your hearts be filled by the word of the  Lord. 

As you learn about and bask in the divine light of the Savior this weekend, we also invite you to take action and consider how you can serve or bless someone else in your life. Opportunities are right in your way!

One such opportunity is a chance to serve a Congolese family of 7 who recently arrived in our area as refugees. There is an online sheet (link below) where you can sign up  to provide support to this family in their specific needs. Please take a moment to look at this list and see how you can help out.

May God bless you this weekend as you “hear Him” through General Conference messages and as you follow the Savior by ministering to others in His name.


Bro. Bliss


LITERACY FAIR, OCTOBER 21, 2023, 10am-3pm: Bring the kids to a festive reading celebration with free books, storytime with local heroes, mini-classes for parents, and entertainment for the kids. The fair will be held at the Galaxy Event Center at Wahooz: 1385 S. Blue Marlin Lane, Meridian. The event is free, but registration is encouraged at .

The Family History Centers have a new name!  They are now called FamilySearch Centers.   Did you know that as a member of the LDS church you can get a free subscription to Ancestry.Com, and and several others?   Go to Third-party Access • FamilySearch to sign up for your free accounts.  Pro tip:  many of the Temple and Family History Consultants use Ancestry.Com for research.  It has more than twice the number of records as FamilySearch. 

Do you know something about the first person in your family tree to accept the restored gospel? Ward members have submitted short profiles of ancestors who were the first in their families to accept the restored gospel and we will be posting them here. Take a few minutes to read them, but be prepared to be inspired.

Did you know that the Banbury Ward has a Temple and Family History Plan?  A copy has been included for you to review and consider.  Our ward has a team of 12 family history consultants whose calling is to assist you with your family history needs.  You can find their contact information on the Family Tools app.  Contact any one of them and they will be happy to assist you.


Welcome to 2023!  Thank you for all the support for the cannery in 2022.  Our stake did a great job fulfilling our assignments.  I’m not sure we all understand what an opportunity it is to serve in our cannery.

The Garden City Cannery is 1 of only 5 canneries left in the Church!

It produces all the pears and peaches for the entire system!


· During its production season - August through December - the cannery runs 4 days a week.

· Every day it produces 10-25 pallets. 

· Each pallet has 80 cases. 

· Each case has 12 cans (960 cans per pallet).

· 20 pallets fill a truck. 

· So that’s between 19,200 and 24,000 cans a day!

· Or 76,800 to 96,000 cans per week. 

· It’s open 18 weeks each year, which means 1,382,000 to 1,782,000 cans of peaches and pears from our cannery each year!

· They also process precut tomatoes from January to June.

· They do 15 pallets of tomatoes a day (14,400 cans a day, 43,200 cans per week, 1,123,200 cans per year). 

· It puts the work in perspective.


In 2023, the Banbury Ward has the following assignments.

We’ll be sending around sign-up sheets as it gets closer to those dates.

· Oct 18 - 10 members from 4pm to 8pm to can pears

· Nov 8 - 10 members from 9am to 1pm to can pears

· Dec 14 - 10 members from 9am to 1pm can pears

Worldwide Church Events

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